The Paternoster Crayfish Wharf is located at the Point of Paternoster Bay and situated in the grounds of a working fish factory, Paternoster Vissery.*

Due to the reality of reducing fish stocks, and the decline of traditional fishing livelihoods, the facilities of Paternoster Vissery are being redeveloped to create other forms of commercial enterprise, namely a destination for locals, visitors and international tourists. The Crayfish Wharf is an investment in increasing tourist traffic to the village, for the benefit of all communities.

We invest in our community and we believe in responsible and sustainable practices. The Crayfish Wharf aims to grow the sustainability of our community and serve to educate all about the state of our fish resources.

Together with The Paternoster Group, we have an established track record of constant investment in our community and social responsibility.

* Paternoster Vissery, is an active West Coast fishing enterprise with interests in aquaculture, deep sea fishing and processing. With over sixty years of heritage in Paternoster and the Cape West Coast, our investment in The Crayfish Wharf is to grow the sustainability of our community and to educate all to the plight of our fish resources. We acknowledge our responsibility to harvest fish stocks in a responsible manner, invest in sustainable business and protect our stakeholders and their communities.